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Soaring into Summer with Behavioral Progression! #5

A summer activity and resource guide for parents

We are back with another Soaring Into Summer with BP post! We hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend! This week we have some a new game, craft, and cooking activity to share. We look forward to seeing pictures of your finished products. Tag @behavioral_progression and add #SoaringIntoSummerWithBP to your posts!

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Summer Activities

Check out our previous blog posts for various local camp options, events, activities, and services. We also share some virtual options!

Safe and Sound Swimmers Program

Hillsborough, Polk, and Pasco Counties

Hosted by Behavioral Progression Inc.

Behavioral Progression, Inc. provides private swim lessons for individuals with and without special needs who may have not been successful with traditional learn-to-swim programs. We allow the child to learn at his/her own pace! This program incorporates Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques with learn-to-swim methods to promote water safety and lasting change in swimming skills. Our instructors make every effort to build a stress-free, fun learning environment, with individualization and positive reinforcement in order to encourage swimming success.

- Must be 2 years or older

- No prerequisite skills needed!

Games & Activities

Card Workouts

Grab a deck of cards and choose a group of exercises you enjoy doing! The deck of cards can be regular playing cards or even uno cards, whichever you have access to and prefer. Assign each card a different exercise and number of exercises to do. In our example video we used uno cards! We assigned blue card squats and green cards jumping jacks and did as many as the number on the card. I know our team members got quite a good workout with this one!

Cooking Activity

Fruit and Cracker Pizza

This is a fun variation of a mealtime favorite! I mean, who does not love pizza?! The best thing about it is there are so many options! Mix up your favorite base, spreads, and fruit for a healthy snack or dessert!


- Your choice of base (crackers, rice cake, crispbread, etc.)

- Your choice of spread (yogurt, peanut butter, and cream cheese are all great options!)

- Assorted fruits


1. Cut up fruit to your chosen size

2. Lay out base

3. Add the spread on the base

4. Sprinkle with fruit

5. Enjoy!

Helpful tip: This could be a good time to introduce a new food along with some preferred foods.

Arts & Crafts

Tie Dye Shirts

Here is a classic activity that has many variations! Pick up a while t-shirt and some tie dye to create your own tie dye shirt! You can add a fun twist to this activity by tie dying a pair of white shorts or socks!


- Tie dye kit

- Water

- Rubber bands

- Disposable gloves

- Clothing to dye


1. Gather your supplies

2. Prep your space

3. Pick your pattern- this is where you can get as creative as you want! The three most common patterns are crinkle, spiral, and stripes

  • Crinkle: Bunch up the item in a totally haphazard way (crinkled tighter for more original color showing, looser for more dye) and put enough rubber bands on to keep it in one piece. This will create a one-of-a-kind design that’s totally random, and almost galactic-looking.

  • Spiral: Pinch the center of the item and slowly twist it clockwise (or use a fork and twirl it like spaghetti), smoothing the fabric around itself into what looks like a swirly lollipop. Then, fasten with about six rubber bands to make triangular sections that will look like pizza slices. When using the traditional tie-dye method, you can color each section a different color for a true rainbow look.

  • Stripes: Fold the item up into a 1-inch to 3-inch accordion fold (the fold that goes back and forth), vertically or horizontally. Then, secure it with about five to eight rubber bands, starting at each end and working inward, making sure to space them a few inches apart. Like the spiral, you can use a different color for each section.

4. Add your color(s)

5. Rinse and hang dry

Helpful tip: It is best to do this activity outside in the grass or putting a tarp/waterproof tablecloth down so you don't risk staining anything inside your home.

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