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Potty Training

Behavioral Progression offers the Potty Project, which is an expedited toilet training program based on the science of ABA. The 3-day intensive program is individualized for each child. Different package options are available ranging from full implementation by Behavioral Progression team members to virtual training/coaching of parent implemented models. Each package provides parents and caregivers with tools and support to reach potty training success.

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Service/Program Description

Behavioral Progression’s Potty Project is an expedited potty training program based on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The Potty Project was developed utilizing research and evidence-based approaches in the field of ABA. The goal of this program is to make the potty training process fun and stress-free, while working towards having a fully potty trained child! The 3-day intensive program sets up each child for success. Parents and caregivers will receive tools and support to assist with children who require additional practice time to master potty skills. 


The Potty Project is designed for individuals of all abilities. The needs and skill-level of each child will be incorporated to individualize the program. The Potty Project can be used for children as young as 14-months, depending on the child. 


Service Options:

Behavioral Progression offers a variety of package options to address the potty training needs specific to your family. Potty training packages include only webinar training, webinar training + individual coaching while you implement the program, and Behavioral Progression team members implementing potty training procedures directly with your child. 


Behavioral Progression provides a potty training package that is fully online and does not involve any Behavioral Progression team members directly participating in Potty Training. The caregiver will complete a webinar at their own pace. The caregiver will learn the strategies of the program to implement on their own.  


Behavioral Progression also provides a package that builds off the Webinar with a little more support. In addition to access to the online course, the caregiver would attend a 1:1 pre-consultation with an Expert Potty Conductor (PC). During the 3-day implementation, the Caregiver would have access to the Expert PC for consultation and coaching (via Telehealth, phone, or messaging). The Expert PC can support the caregiver with individualization of the program and any troubleshooting needed during the implementation process. 


Behavioral Progression’s Potty Project offers a package where Behavioral Progression staff, Potty Conductors (PCs), implement the Potty Project procedures directly with the individual. An Expert PC (supervisor) will utilize intake information gathered during a pre-potty consultation with the caregivers to develop an individualized plan based on the Potty Project Manual. The PCs will implement the potty training procedures during the 3-day scheduled potty training, with the caregivers transitioning into the primary implementor role by the end of day 3, following guidance and support from the Expert PC. Expert PCs will provide oversight and supervision of PCs as well as consultation and support sessions with caregivers during the 3-day potty training. See below for specific services provided.  


Caregivers will receive: 

- Access to the Potty Project Manual 

- Access to Potty Project Webinar Training 

- Pre-Potty Consultation meeting (45 minutes) with the Expert Potty Conductor 

- Two Support Sessions (45 minutes each) during the potty training 

- Wrap-Up Guidance Meeting (45 minutes) after day 3 of potty training 

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Children Book

New Launch

This delightful children's book guides children through the process of potty training with excitement and enthusiasm. Through playful rhymes and engaging illustrations, children will discover the joys of using the potty while learning valuable lessons. From gathering materials to celebrating success, 'Potty Project' makes the potty training experience positive and enjoyable for both children and caregivers. With a focus on persistence, learning, and the joy of growing up, this charming book is an essential addition to any family's library, going through the potty training journey!


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*If you are interested in the Webinar Only Package, sign up directly here!  

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Next Steps To Get Started

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Funding for Potty Project is provided by the individual seeking Potty Training support (private pay).  

*Insurance billing may be considered when a client is receiving ABA services through Behavioral Progression and has a deficit in Potty Training and maintaining continence, if authorized as a targeted goal within services.  

Service Funding Options:

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