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About Us

Behavioral Progression provides community-based ABA services to individuals at all stages of life, toddlers through adults, with behavioral needs, regardless of diagnoses. We believe that individualized behavior plans will be most successful when implemented in the setting where the behaviors are occurring amongst familiar individuals.


Our Mission

Behavioral Progression’s mission is to provide quality and effective Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to individuals and families who are experiencing challenging behaviors or need to increase functional and communication skills. Our aim is to provide individualized functional assessments and treatment programs to the client and caregivers that will equip everyone with the tools for socially significant and meaningful behavior change.

Through the organic growth of the team, whom understands the value of continuing education and credentials, Behavioral Progression has been able to expand reach from Florida to Tennessee. A vision for growth in the company is not to increase quantitatively but expand clinical reach and improve access to quality services. Behavioral Progression’s driven and hard-working team provides behavioral services to individuals in their home, school, aftercare, day programs, and other community locations. In addition to providing traditional ABA services, we also provide access to care through Telehealth modalities, including HIPAA-compliant video sessions and consultations. Webinars are available to further provide educational resources to the community.


About Us

Behavioral Progression understands that caring for individuals with behavioral needs can be challenging, so we work with and encourage involvement from the client, family members, and other involved caregivers. Programs designed are respectful of and conducive to the needs and culture of the family unit as a whole.

Kids in Preschool

Family values, cultures, and beliefs are considered and incorporated at all stages of behavioral services. We design programs that are respectful of and conducive to the needs of the family unit as a whole. Frequent opportunities are provided for parents, caregivers, teachers, siblings, peers, etc. to be involved in their loved ones’ ABA services. The added stressors of caring for individuals with disabilities, delays, or behavioral challenges can be taxing on caregivers. Behavioral Progression empathizes with this company-wide and seeks ways to improve the environment and ease any stressful situations which will help strengthen the overall support and outcomes the individual and family experiences.

Behavioral Progression is recognized

as a BHCOE Accredited organization!

“Behavioral Progression understands that caring for individuals with behavioral needs can be challenging, so we work with and encourage involvement from the individual, family members, and caregivers.”

Behavioral Progression is an organized team of talented and inspired ABA professionals that are fully focused on providing quality services to change the lives of clients and caregivers. The Behavioral Progression team of analysts and therapists also have years of experience working in ABA, along with a robust experience in childcare, education, ESE classrooms, summer camps, swim lessons, dance classes, equestrian lessons, community programs, and more.


Behavioral Progression is dedicated to promoting an atmosphere of diversity, equity, and inclusion through ongoing education and discussion. With a mission of providing quality and effective behavior services, we recognize diversity as a strength within our organizational structure, policy making, clientele, and client support systems. We strive to foster a community that ensures equitable access to behavior analysis services and empowers individuals through celebration of diversity.

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