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Behavior Initiatives Research Institute


The Behavior Initiatives Research Institute is a nonprofit organization with a profound dedication to advancing the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Their primary focus is on evaluating and disseminating ABA research, utilizing these findings to create community-focused initiatives. These initiatives extend beyond the realms of research and contribute to the welfare of individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities or special needs. Behavioral Progression collaborates with the Behavior Initiatives Research Institute to further enhance our commitment to providing effective, science-driven treatment for individuals with behavioral challenges. Together, we work towards expanding the reach of behavior analytic services and improving the lives of those in need through scholarship programs, consulting services, and private education.


The Mission

At Behavior Initiatives Research Institute, their mission is driven by a commitment to enrich the community with valuable, science-driven insights that enhance the lives of all its members. Their dedicated research lab tackles complex challenges surrounding behavior deficits and excesses, seeking pragmatic solutions that hold social significance. They strive to push the boundaries of behavior analysis by conducting rigorous research studies that address crucial questions. Their ultimate aim is to harness this knowledge to develop initiatives that directly benefit the community, with a particular emphasis on individuals facing challenging behavior. Behavioral Progression shares this mission, working hand in hand with the Institute to create positive change and promote well-being through evidence-based practices.

Taking Notes

Learn More

To learn more about Behavior Initiatives Research Institute's mission, research initiatives, and how you can donate, click the button below. 

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