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Community Trainings

Behavioral Progression offers a variety of community trainings delivered through in-person and virtual formats. Community trainings include caregiver/teacher/parent trainings, videos, webinars, workshops, resources, CEU courses for Behavior Analysts, professional development trainings, Crisis Management Training, and CPR/AED & First Aid courses.  

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Service/Program Description

Our team of instructors will coordinate the best times for training or accessing the resources available. Community training offered by Behavioral Progression are often directly related to ABA, whether they are trainings for direct care staff or trainings that help parents/guardians and caregivers in implementation of behavioral services and intervention strategies. These community trainings can also provide general training and support while a client is on the waitlist for services, ensure staff are maintaining certifications needed for continued employment, provide direct care staff with certifications needed for their jobs, or provide supplemental training to caregivers in addition to the 1:1 ABA services received. 

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Service Options:


Water safety and swim lessons will be provided on a 1:1 basis. Each swim lesson will be 15 minutes in duration. Participants will be offered 4 lessons per week. Lessons will be provided in 6-week cycles. Lessons are provided by Behavioral Progression’s therapists and behavior analysts that have received training and certifications in water safety instruction through the Red Cross and Adaptive Aquatics through the Dan Marino Foundation/Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. 


Florida: Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, and Polk County 

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Behavioral Progression provides Behavior Assistant Training, which is a training that is required by Florida Medicaid Waiver for Behavior Focus and Intensive Behavior group home staff. This training meets all requirements and is approved by APD to obtain and maintain Behavior Assistant certification. Behavioral Progression offers both an online component as well as an in-person component options. 

Full Certification: Register here!  

Annual Recertification: Register here! 


Behavioral Progression provides the 40-hr RBT training course. This course includes an overview of Behavior Analysis. Competency assessment and ongoing supervision hours can be provided for individuals who join the Behavioral Progression Team.  


*Full certification of the RBT requires 40-hr coursework, background screening, competency assessment, written exam, and ongoing supervision. More information can be found at the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB) website.  


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Behavioral Progression offers CPR/AED & First Aid Training through the American Heart Association. Classes are currently offered in the Brandon, Tampa, and Lakeland areas of Florida; however, we may travel to individual facilities for group trainings based on request. Our classes are taught by a medical professionals and include hands on practice with skills feedback.  For more information, please email

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Behavioral Progression provides Safety-Care training by a certified Safety-Care Trainer. These trainings are beneficial for a variety of caregivers including parents/guardians, school staff, and collaboration with community members. Please see the list of courses available below:


Safety Care for Families course focuses on non-physical interventions to assist in prevention,

de-escalation, debriefing, and incident minimization. Additional higher-level courses also include physical crisis management components to assist with maintaining safety, which is approved for parents/caregivers with a licensed professional sign-off. These courses would be beneficial to caregivers who provide support and care to individuals who engage in highly dangerous crisis-level behaviors with BCBA support and monitoring.


Safety-Care for School-Aged Children course focuses on supporting children, managing expectations, and incident management with smaller children. These courses would be beneficial to teachers/community members working with individuals who engage in low-mid intensity levels of problem behavior.


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Behavioral Progression's Potty Project—an expedited potty training program is developed with evidence-based approaches and research in the field of ABA. Our program aims to make the potty training journey enjoyable and stress-free, while ultimately achieving full potty training success for your child. Through our 3-day intensive program, each child is set up for success, and parents and caregivers receive valuable tools and support to assist children who may need extra practice time to master potty skills. Behavioral Progression offers a variety of package options to address the potty training needs specific to your family. Potty training package options include:


Only Webinar Training 

Webinar Approach + Caregiving Coaching

In Person Approach

To learn more: Visit Here

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Intro to Applied Behavior Analysis: Working with Children

​​Behavioral Progression's 'Intro to Applied Behavior Analysis: Working with Children' course is designed to equip teachers, caregivers, babysitters/nannies, and parents with the essential knowledge and practical tools to navigate challenging behavior effectively. You will:

✓ Understand the fundamental principles of ABA and how they influence behavior

✓ Gain insights into the underlying causes of challenging behaviors

✓ Use effective strategies for lasting behavior change

✓ Learn the art of positive reinforcement techniques to motivate and encourage children 

✓ Tackle challenging behaviors with confidence using behavior modification strategies

✓ Foster collaboration with families and teams for consistent support

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Parent Trainings, Preschool Trainings, and CEUs…Coming soon!

If you have something you would like to see, let us know! 

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