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Child Counseling


ABA Therapy

Behavioral Progression provides direct ABA therapy to individuals in their natural environment with caregiver training and support. In addition to direct ABA therapy models, Behavioral Progression also offers behavioral support through caregiver training models and ABA services delivered through the Telehealth modality. 

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Service/Program Description

Our team begins the ABA therapy process by completing an initial behavior assessment with the individual, which may include direct observation, caregiver interview, standardized assessment, and review of previous reports. Assessments will also occur on an ongoing basis throughout the course of service delivery. Based on the results of the assessment, an individualized behavior plan is developed with specific behavioral targets and goals. The behavior plan includes strategies and programs designed to decrease behaviors of concern and increase functional and adaptive skills. Additionally, behavior plans are developed with many considerations, including but not limited to the client’s current skill level, client’s culture and values, setting of services, other individuals involved in the client’s ABA services, and eventual plans for fading supports. Behavior plan strategies are continuously assessed through review of data and observation by the behavior team to determine treatment effectiveness, and adjustments to the behavior plan are made as clinically appropriate. 


Service Options:


Direct ABA therapy is provided on a 1:1 basis by our team of Behavior Analysts and Therapists. Individualized behavior plans are implemented with the client to promote behavior change in the natural environment such as home, school, and community settings. Board Certified Behavior Analysts oversee all ABA therapy activities, including service recommendations, direct supervision, caregiver training and support, data review and analysis, and program modifications. ABA therapy will include caregiver participation and training as recommended by the Behavior Analyst.


Caregiver training is provided along with ABA therapy to ensure the individual continues making progress outside of sessions across caregivers. Caregiver training and consultation can also be provided as a stand-alone service, if appropriate. During caregiver training, our team will provide support to caregivers on behavior plan implementation in order to equip the caregiver in promoting behavior change. Ongoing feedback and guidance is provided to caregivers for ultimate behavioral success! 


ABA therapy can be conducted in the most suitable environment that yields the best outcomes for your family. Our team offers in-home, in-school, and community-based therapy, as well as 1:1 sessions and social skills groups at our clinic location. At Behavioral Progression, we are dedicated to delivering a comprehensive range of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy services, including our clinic-based option. This additional setting is designed to provide your child with a specialized environment, ensuring optimal support for their growth and development. Benefit from an expert team, specialized resources, and social interaction opportunities, all with flexible scheduling to fit your family's needs.

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Clinic Location: 4808 W. Gandy Blvd., Tampa, FL 33611


ABA therapy and caregiver training can also be provided in the virtual Telehealth modality. Telehealth activities can include direct therapy, direct supervision by Behavior Analysts, and/or caregiver training. Telehealth services may not be appropriate for every individual, so a consultation with the Behavior Analyst during the initial assessment will help determine if Telehealth is an option. 


To get started, please complete our Client Intake Form. Once the form is completed, someone will reach out to you to get set up. If you intend to use insurance for services, please also plan to provide the following items to our Intake team:  

  • Insurance Card (we will conduct an eligibility and benefits check to provide you with coverage estimates) 

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Report, if applicable 

  • Referral/Script for ABA Therapy from the physician 

We will gather the initial paperwork, get you set up with a Behavior Analyst, and submit a request for authorization to your insurance. 


Once authorization is obtained (if needed), an Initial Assessment will be completed and ongoing therapy hours and recommendations will be discussed.  


If you have any questions, please reach out to us!  


Phone: 813-602-0068 

Insurances Accepted/Program Funding Options: State Medicaid, State Medicaid-Waiver, Private Insurances, Gardiner Scholarship, and Private Pay 


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