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ABA Support Partnerships

Behavioral Progression partners with schools, preschools, daycares, group homes, and other community locations to provide behavioral support at an organizational level. Partnerships also include Behavioral Oversight for group homes in the Florida Medicaid Waiver system. 

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Service/Program Description

Similar to our direct ABA therapy model, with our ABA Support Partnerships, our team begins by completing an initial behavior assessment with the organization, which may include direct observation, caregiver/staff interview, and review of previous reports and strategies used in the setting. Assessments also occur on an ongoing basis throughout the course of the ABA Support Partnership. Based on the results of the assessment, a plan is developed to target behaviors and goals specific to the organization. The plan includes behavior-analytic strategies and programs designed to improve the overall organizational system, such as behaviors to be addressed at a classroom level or across an entire school. Behavior assessment and behavior plan development specific to individuals within the organization will occur as needed and depending on the nature of the ABA Support Partnership. 


Service Options:


Behavioral Progression provides behavior oversight services to Behavior Focus and Behavior Intensive group homes through the Florida Medicaid Waiver system. Behavior oversight services are provided by Board Certified Behavior Analysts with knowledge and experience working in group home settings. Behavior oversight services include ongoing client and staff documentation monitoring and staff behavioral skills monitoring and training.  Clinical direction services, which include client-specific behavior services, are also available for Intensive Behavior Focus group homes. Behavioral Progression also offers initial certification and recertification courses for Behavior Assistant Service (BAS) Providers. We also provide oversight and assistance for group homes that are interested in obtaining the Behavior Focus designation through the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD). Crisis Management Training (PCM) can also be offered.  


Behavioral Progression provides organizational behavior services to schools, preschools, and daycares at various levels of involvement, ranging from individual student support to school-wide support. Different levels of support can be combined. For example, school-wide support may be helpful for the functions of the school, and individual student support can also facilitate individual student’s progress. 

  • School-Wide Support: Behavioral support is provided school-wide, meaning systems and procedures are developed by Behavior Analysts to be implemented throughout the whole school. School-wide support would be beneficial for schools that are encountering consistent behavioral difficulties across multiple classrooms. This model includes teacher training and ongoing support in the development and implementation of school-wide systems. 

  • Classroom-Specific Support: Behavioral support is provided to a specific classroom, meaning systems and procedures are developed by Behavior Analysts to be implemented within a single classroom. Classroom-specific support would be beneficial for schools that are encountering behavioral difficulties in a specific classroom(s). This model includes teacher training and ongoing support in the development and implementation of the classroom-specific programs. The classroom-specific support model can also be applied to specific groups of students with similar behavior difficulties that would benefit from group interventions. 

  • Individual Student Support: Behavioral support is provided to individual students, following the 1:1 direct ABA Therapy model of services. With student support school partnerships, schools may refer students that would benefit from behavior services to Behavioral Progression directly. Our Behavior Analysts would work closely with the school and family to develop individualized behavior plans for each student to ensure student success within the school’s existing systems. 

Behavior Training, Crisis Management Training, and CPR/First Aid can all be included in an Organizational Partnership.  


Behavioral Progression offers an expedited toilet training program based on the science of ABA. In addition to this program being available for families, we can also partner directly with schools, preschools, and daycares to provide implementation of the Potty Project with students and children in those settings. Our team will implement the Potty Project program with the children directly and provide training/coaching for both teachers and family members.  

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Partnerships can be individualized to meet the school, group home, or organization's needs. Contracts are reviewed on an annual basis and can be modified as needed.

Service Funding Options:


To get started, please send a partnership inquiry to: so we can discuss your organization’s individual needs. 

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Next Steps To Get Started

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