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Potty Train Your Child Through Potty Project!

Are you struggling to potty train your child? Are you dreading or putting off this process altogether? Do you not know where to start? Or do you just not have enough time in all the busyness of #momlife or #dadlife. If any of this sounds like you then Behavioral Progression, Inc. has the program for you and your family!!

We are excited to announce a new program being offered called The Potty Project. We have created an accelerated (3-day) potty training process. This program has a variety of packages that allow for the level of support you prefer and is for families with children of all abilities and ages. The strategies are uniquely designed to empower children to independently use the bathroom and ditch the diapers. This program, depending on the package chosen, provides the following: training on the Potty Project techniques and strategies group Q&A opportunities, individual consultations and caregiver coaching groups with an Expert Potty Conductor (Expert PC), access to a manual with all strategies and steps, and an option to have our trained Potty Conductors (PCs) implement the procedures for you. Yes, we will potty train your kiddo for you if you prefer! Either way, we want to support you through the process.

Now you may be asking yourself why do I need an Expert PC or someone else to potty train my child? Great question! This question is also the reason we offer different packages because we understand that there are different parenting styles and approaches. If you are a more “I need to do this” parent, then you may not want or need someone else to potty train your child. The perfect package for you would be our Potty Training by You: Webinar Approach. We provide tips and tricks via webinar content to empower you to potty train your child with effective strategies designed by Behavior Analysts.

The next package is for that parent who enjoys being fully involved but is confused where to start or running into frustrations/lack of progress. Not only will you have access to our webinar training, but you will also receive caregiver coaching group support. In addition, by upgrading to the premiere package, you can also add individualized consultations with one of our Expert PCs to support you through any challenges you may face on the journey to potty training your child.

The last package is the most intensive and involves a brief webinar training in addition to Expert PCs and PCs coming into your home to work 1:1 with your child, consult with you, and model procedures for continued success. Why would someone need this package? The simple answer is a variety of reasons. Maybe you love being hands on with your child but have hit several frustrating challenges with potty training. Maybe you are limited with time and want to focus the time you do have with your child on only the most fun activities. Maybe you are working from home and need to be on a call while your child feels a tinkle coming on. Whatever your reasoning is, we are here for you!

If this sounds like something for you and your family – or someone you know, below are ways to reach out to us:

Email us at with any questions or for additional information.


If you KNOW this program is your next step and you are ready to get started, click the link here to register.

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We look forward to working with you!

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